Alaska House Hunting
Alaska House Hunting

Moving Checklist for Buyers

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Select Moving Company

  • Get estimates from moving companies
  • Select mover and confirm date of move

Address Change

  • Post Office – give forwarding address
  • Credit Card- Charge Accounts
  • Licenses
  • Subscriptions
  • Voter Registration
  • Friends/Family


  • Transfer Funds
  • Arrange accounts in new location
  • Arrange credit references
  • Transfer safe deposit box

Delivery Services

  • Laundry,Newspaper, etc.


  • Notify companies of change

Utility Companies

  • Recover any deposits from your current accounts
  • Order service for gas, electricity, water, sewer, phone, garbage, internet, cable, lawn, alarm/security

Medical, Dental, Prescriptions

  • Obtain complete records from current providers
  • Establish new relationships


  • Transfer records/transcripts
  • Register at new school(s)


  • Obtain current records – vaccinations, rabies, spay/neuter certificates

Health Clubs

  • Cancel accounts
  • Establish new relationships