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Should I remodel before selling my home?




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Let me tell you a story about a client that thought it would be a great idea to do a big remodel before getting his home to market.

He had lived in it for 20 years so it was outdated and he wanted to get top dollar for home.

So, he hired a contractor that had sold him on a HUGE remodel.

The contractor put a new bar in, Put in fancy LED lighting, and did a lot of upgrades and updating.

The homeowner thought he was going to be able to recoup all of this investment plus more when he got his home to market.

But in reality, the big remodel didn’t increase the market value of his home.

His home didn’t really need of that work done.

This poor seller had spend his hard-earned money and lost investment in his home that he had spent the last 20 years saving up.

So before doing any updating or remodeling,

You should consult a Realtor to make sure you can get a positive return on investment.

Do you have any questions about remodeling your home before getting it to market?

We’d love to answer them!

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Looking forward to meeting you,

-Joslyn Blanchard

Top Producing Realtor

P.S. I might have just have saved you $100,000!

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