Alaska House Hunting
Alaska House Hunting

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Eric Visser, Co-owner of Visser Construction, Cares deeply about his neighbors. He volunteers in in the Anchorage community and advocates for the homebuilding industry. Through his work with AHBA’s Care Endowment, Visser Helps support Alaskans in need. Last year, he spearheaded the Covenant House’s Passage House deck renovation project.

Eric Visser entered Alaska’s homebuilding industry because he saw a void. He wanted to provide Alaskans with clean, modern, and energy efficient homes that are affordable and easy t maintain. He keeps this mission in mind during every build. He advocates for intelligent regulations by participating in Anchorage assembly meetings and works to improve building practices through education and research into the most advanced building techniques. Visser joined AHBA two years ago and has been a huge asset through his advocacy efforts. He is passionate, driven and goes the extra mile to make things happen. He currently serves as the secretary of the AHBA board of directors and care endowment board and went to Juneau to meet with legislators to discuss the establishment of statewide building code.

Visser’s roots are in the Midwest and construction runs in his blood. His father owned a paint contracting business for 30 years, his brother owns a carpet installation business and his sister owns an interior design firm. But before entering the family industry, Visser’s Alaska adventure started in the oil industry. His years of project management experience in the oil industry helped polish his building skills. After several years in the business, Visser said goodbye to oil, and hello to homebuilding. However before starting Visser Construction, he spent some time managing his real estate portfolio and driving his motorcycle around the world!